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9901 System Operations Review Part I

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The following course is intended to help you prepare for the NERC Certification Exam. This course will familiarize you with many concepts that you should expect to encounter in the exam.

In this part you will calculate MVA and MVAR. Explain how the WECC algorithm varies from that of NERC. Discuss how sync check relays are used for paralleling between two assumed synchronized sources. You will also describe what automatic synchronizing relays are used for and what manual synchronizing depends upon, as well as the best way to change a phase angle across an open point and in parallel to a synchronous system; showing an understanding of ACE, AGC response, frequency bias effect, and inadvertent accumulation; as well as discussing what conductor resistance is determined by and offering an explanation of the Ferranti Effect. This part also concerns Surge Impedance Loading (SIL) calculation and the condition to which Surge Impedance (SI) refers. You will also explain what determines power flow, transfer stability and thermal limits and how protective gaps aid people working close to the associated EHV line or equipment.

The course also offers a variety of review documents, study tools, and practice exam questions to aid you in your preparation efforts. This course is a tool and to be effective it must be coupled with your study of the NERC Standards and real-time application thereof.

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