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Deposit Bag 9'' X 12'' SafeLok, clear

Vendor: Business Checks

Deposit Bag Clear 9 X 12 that will hold 1,000 notes. Our deposit bags have integrated tamper-detection features:

  • Press2Lok closure - simply press and it's closed.
  • VOID message appears in sealing mechanism when subjected to cold temperatures or chemicals.
  • Specially formulated thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat.
  • Random printed black line graphics prevents the cut and replace method of tampering.
  • Anti-static metalized release liner.
  • Choice of high performance white or clear film.
  • Large, easy to read barcodes and sequential numbers on front and side of bag.
  • Security micro-print along indented side welds.
  • The Vault Process Certified VPC seal - and the endorsement of leading loss prevention managers.
  • Meets Federal Reserve guidelines.

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