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Sitetrail helps your business to scale up rapidly through a combination of high-metric deliverables. Covering a range of PR, influencer media and SEO requirements such as on-site content strategy, off-site link building, press releases and outreach. Helping you to find the most unique high domain authority resource links to grow organic search results and referral traffic.

SiteTrail Press Release Distribution Services

SiteTrail Press Release Distribution Services

Sitetrail stands out as a distinctive PR and editorial news platform, renowned for boasting the most extensive media database for genuine news articles. Serving as both a writing and distribution service, it offers a comprehensive solution for businesses lacking copywriting expertise or in-house teams.

Distinguishing itself from the competition, Sitetrail is currently the sole platform that seamlessly integrates editorial news and SEO into the PR landscape. This translates into the ability to generate not only press releases but also editorial news articles featured on reputable media outlets such as Forbes and Entrepreneur, eliminating the need for the “press release” label in your content.

DO-Follow Links on High Domain Authority News Websites

Most of the world’s largest press release platforms strictly adhere to NO-Follow linking, offering minimal to no SEO benefits. In contrast, Sitetrail stands out as the exclusive platform that seamlessly integrates editorial news with DO-Follow links on renowned high-domain authority news websites. This, coupled with their proficient SEO copywriting teams, can be the tipping point in favor of clients with the appropriate budget, offering substantial advantages for their online presence.

Key Features

  • SiteTrail has a quick turnaround time, and if you’re a returning client, the company offers a six-hour turnaround time.
  • The platform offers several paid plans to suit different business needs.
  • The site features search engine marketing, distribution to high-traffic media sites, and more than 10 contextual links.
  • Users’ press releases can target specific industries, such as healthcare, technology, finance, and more.
  • All press releases are written and edited by qualified copywriters, journalists, and editors.
  • SiteTrail’s network of distribution channels is quite extensive, reaching various media outlets across the U.S.
  • Additional services include social media marketing, web development, and web hosting.
  • The platform offers informative video guides and press release writing samples.
  • Unique editorial news with high DA DO-follow links.

Sitetrail Press Release Pricing

The unlimited plan is $199/month and gives users their own journalist/author profile for authenticity. 

The business plan is 399 and includes 2 X 700-word articles written by journalists. One is editorial and another is a press release. 

The popular plan is $999 and provides 3 X 700-word news articles that will appear on strong global news sites. 

The premium plan is $4,950 and provides 5 X 700-word news articles that appear on multiple sites like Yahoo Finance, APNews, and other highly popular sites like IBTimes, Forbes, Entrepreneur, or whichever media channels may participate at that point in time.

Monthly Digital Marketing Plan

Explore our comprehensive Monthly Digital Marketing Plan, priced at just $999 per month. Meticulously designed to propel growth for small businesses, it offers an array of benefits. Discover the advantages of a featured editorial article, organic social media promotion, email lead generation, and the choice between follower boosts or reputation management on an alternating basis. As an added bonus, you’ll also gain unlimited access to publish news releases. This all-encompassing package is an ideal choice for businesses in search of an affordable and adaptable solution to enhance their online presence and supercharge their marketing endeavors.