Best Viral Mailers

Recommended Viral Mailers

Some of the best viral mailers that allow you to cut down on the mails coming to you inbox. Viral Mailers are new to the internet marketing arena. Fresh leads, more active members, higher click throughs than ordinary safelist. Membership upgrades are affordable during pre-launch. Take the one-time offers if you can afford before they will raise the membership price.

Viral Mailers are slightly different from safelists, that being you can only mail a certain amount of random members per week. You earn credits for reading emails and also for referring members, and these credits don't just have to be used for mailings, in fact you can get a lot of different advertising, from banner ads, text links, login ads etc. This gives you more opportunities to get your ads seen.

State Of The Art Mailer

State Of The Art Mailer - Total members 42,425. This mailer uses a tiered mailing system, in that you start off with being able to mail to 500 random members and by earning points you can move up to the 1500 and 3000 mailing buttons, paid members get higher button levels. One of the most interesting features of this mailer is the profit sharing, as long as you click over 50% of the emails you receive, then you are entered into the monthly draw to win $100 and many other prizes.

Email Marketing Evolved!

List Jumper

List Jumper - List Jumper is a mailer designed to reward active members. Members can send emails every day and earn bonus awards by participating daily. An example is the "One a Day" bonus system. Members earn rewards by reaching specific milestones. As a result of the active membership.

Explode My List!


Bweeble - This mailer allows you to build your own personal brand. And it allows you to specially create your branded profile that you can share across ALL the advertising networks. Also you can win cash for reading emails.

List Bonus

List Bonus - Another quite basic mailer, but still getting great results from this one. Free members can send out 1000 emails every week.

List Joe

List Joe - Viral List Builder with 6 levels of referrals, which you can email for free! List Joe is a credit-based mailer. That means you need credits to send out your emails, and each credit is worth 1 email. To earn more credits, be sure to read the emails in your inbox and click on the links, that way you will always have credits to send out more ads at List Joe.

List Adventure

List Adventure - List Adventure has been completely redone and is now an activity-based mailer, that allows you to do all kinds of different things that gives you activity points. The more activity points you earn, the higher your level will be and the more free credits will be added to every email you send out! Join for FREE now and mail instantly to 1000 members.


Adchiever - An excellent viral mailer that allows free members to post to 1200 random members per day, as long as you have the credits. But this mailer is different in that you not only earn credits, but achievement points as well. With these achievement points you earn rewards such as: extra credits, membership upgrades etc. So the more you use the system the better the rewards you get.

Build My Downlines

Build My Downlines - Using BuildMyDownlines is an excellent way to get referrals or sales for other affiliate programs, signups to your list, or just exposure to any offer you have.

Viral Mailer For You

Viral Mailer For You - Viral Mailer For You allows you to get targeted traffic to your sites without the high cost associated with other forms of online advertising.